Letter to the Editor

Andrew Zolnai comments on our report from the 2005 ESRI PUG.

Letter to the editor. ‘Neil, Thanks for your excellent coverage of the 2005 ESRI PUG, it’s always good to have an external opinion. I wish, however, to correct a couple of points in your paragraph on ‘Pipelines.’ ‘Pipeline database wars’ are not being ‘rekindled’. PODS and APDM deliver two tiers that balance user and vendor needs, a light geodatabase template (APDM) on top of a full relational standard (PODS). There are PODS members on the APDM board, and an upcoming technical paper will show how to link the two models. Also there is no ‘MJ Harden-backed ISAT data model’. MJ Harden (now GE Energy) are party to APDM , and both APDM and PODS derived from ISAT. And while there is no published link to ISAT, this can be achieved in the same manner. You will also note in the following links, that PPDM has the same 2-tier approach in petroleum. For more, visit apdm.net, pods.org and isatmodel.org. See also my article at esri.com/pipeline >Literature>Standards and Data Models. We now have cooperating associations and complementary technologies. APDM, PPDM and PODS shared booth space at the PUG, and PPDM and PODS have an upcoming joint meeting.Regards, Andrew Zolnai, ESRI.

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