ChevronTexaco, Total team on simulator

‘Next generation’ oilfield fluid flow simulator to apply IT advances to model heavy oil operations.

ChevronTexaco Corp. (CTC), Total and Schlumberger have kicked-off a joint R&D initiative to develop thermal simulation technology aimed at improving recovery from heavy oil reservoirs. The two-year collaboration will leverage ‘next generation’ simulation technology from the CTC/Schlumberger ‘Intersect’ project.


CTC VP and CTO Don Paul described the Intersect as demonstrating ‘breakthrough performance.’ Intersect offers a Petrel-based platform for the advanced simulation of thermal recovery processes. ‘This capability will enhance ChevronTexaco’s heavy oil operations.’ Paul added.


The project involves research to ‘capitalize on advances in software and hardware, parallel computing, advanced gridding and modern software engineering techniques. IPR from the project will be commercialized by Schlumberger and embedded in its ‘next generation’ simulation products.

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