Low cost video monitoring for pipelines

Monitoring-on-detection technology lets one operator work up to 300 live video feeds.

Houston-based LiveSurveillance has announced a real-time video monitoring service for oil and gas pipelines and petrochemical facilities. The ‘low-cost’ solution can monitor up to 300 hundred video cameras in real time. These are fed to an onsite ‘Livideo’ concentrator. The Livideo unit processes video feeds from security cameras before transmission to the LiveSurveillance remote server.


Operators can view feeds in an operation center or over the internet via a LiveSurveillance ‘Watchdog’ station. LiveSurveillance uses monitoring-on-detection, filtering and classification techniques to reduce the time spent actually monitoring video cameras. The Live-Surveillance hardware, database and server integrate with existing IT infrastructure.


LiveSurveillance operations manager Bill Rutledge said, ‘Companies can affordably add live surveillance to their existing security installations. One security operator can monitor 300 or more cameras from a single station – a real breakthrough for the industry.’ More from livesurveillance.tv.

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