Fugro reveals cost of acquisitions

How much did Fugro pay for C&M Storage and Volumetrix? All is revealed in the 2004 accounts.

Over the last couple of years, Fugro has been building quite a portfolio of oil and gas service offerings. In its 2004 annual report, the company reveals a couple of financials that went unreported previously.

C&M Storage

In June 2004 Fugro paid € 4.9 million for C&M Storage of Houston. C&M Storage offers data management and storage services for cores and cuttings, paper records, samples, tape and microfiche. The deal included Fugro’s assuming liabilities of €3.1 million. C&M Storage has 18 employees, 60 company clients in the Houston area and an annual turnover of around $2 million.


In 2003, Fugro acquired UK-based reservoir modeling software house Volumetrix for €2.3 million cash and Seiscan for €300,000. Other acquisition prices were reported in previous issues of Oil IT Journal.

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