Oilfield data sets for testing

3 CD set holds gigabytes of data on Teapot Dome oilfield.

Have you ever heard a vendor apologize for not having a data set available for demonstration? This excuse is no longer tenable thanks to the Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center (RMOTC), operator of the US Navy’s petroleum ‘reserve,’ the depleted Teapot Dome oilfield. RMOTC has just issued a 3 CD-ROM data set for public use. The data includes 400MB of 3D seismics in SEG-Y format, 60 MB of LAS files for 29 wells on Teapot Dome, 335MB of core, image log, slab photos etc. on the 48-X-28 strat test well and a 238MB of monthly production from Teapot Dome. More from www.rmotc.doe.gov.

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