Real Time Engineer deployed in Troll field

Baker Hughes Inteq augments BEACON operations center with remote MWD/LWD control.

Baker Hughes Inteq (BHI) division has augmented its Baker Expert Advisory Center Operations Network ‘Beacon’ service (OITJ Vol. 10 N° 3) on Norsk Hydro’s North Sea Troll field.


BHI’s ARTE (Advantage Real Time Engineer) will simultaneously run the real-time part of MWD and mud logging, with support from dedicated Beacon engineers onshore. ARTE reduces the overall number of field engineers required to support the operation, described as ‘one of the most technically challenging drilling projects in the world.’


BHI Beacon real-time, remote operations centers are currently deployed at client sites or co-located in BHI data centers around the world. In last month’s Oil IT Journal, BHI’s Pat McGinley argued that future will see less investment in in-house data centers and a focus on co-located centers such as Baker’s Gulf of Mexico site.

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