ChevronTexaco funds Aussie R&D

Western Australian Energy Research Alliance is to benefit from super major’s largesse.

ChevronTexaco Corporation (CTC) and the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WAERA) have signed an AUD $5 million per annum deal to further petroleum industry R&D and education.


CTC Overseas Petroleum president John Watson said, ‘This agreement underscores our long-term commitment to developing Australia’s offshore oil and gas resources and to using research to enhance the safety and efficiency of our operations. We anticipate part of the alliance’s mandate coming from ChevronTexaco affiliates outside Australia and expect this will benefit our worldwide operations.’


R&D topics will span E&P, hydrocarbon processing, HSE and training initiatives. Projects will include deepwater seismic acquisition and interpretation, drilling and producing from large bore wells, subsea production systems and CO2 sequestration. Future research may also target the hydrogen economy.


WAERA Chairman Gordon Martin said, ‘Our primary role is to help the energy industry maximize its sustainability by improving outcomes at all stages of the upstream supply chain, from exploration to production.’ WAERA is an alliance between CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific Industry and Research Organisation), Curtin University of Technology and the University of Western Australia.

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