New lite QC tool and production quality rules for HealthCheck

Intervera’s Rapid HealthCheck offers lightweight data QC. Production data quality rules now available.

Intervera Data Solutions of Calgary has just released a new ‘streamlined’ version of its flagship Data HealthCheck data quality reporting tool. Intervera’s ‘Rapid HealthCheck’ provides diagnostics and inventory of technical data quality. Rapid HealthCheck (RHC) provides regular reporting of non-standard values, highlighting basic data issues, and discovering data entry errors.


Once discovered, data issues may prompt a broader analysis of data including identification of business and operational impacts, which can be performed using the Data HealthCheck product.

Production rules

Intervera has also added production data quality rules to its DataVera repository, adding to its previous QC rules for exploration, drilling and completions rules. DataVera claims to correct 90% of data issues through automated tools.

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