FFA announces SVI Pro image processing

Foster Findlay Associates’ new tool leverages Mercury’s VolumeViz LDM to view large data sets.

UK-based Foster Findlay Associates (FFA) has released a new seismic volume imaging product ‘SVI Pro.’ SVI Pro combines interactive tools for structural and stratigraphic volume imaging with high performance 3D visualization. SVI Pro also supports opacity rendering of 3D geobodies, attribute generation and slice-view of 3D volumes. SVI Pro contains the same functionality as FFA’s SEA 3D suite including the StructApp, StratApp, and FaultApp modules. Because SVI Pro uses disk–to–disk processing, it is not restricted by shared memory limitations – large surveys can be processed with SVI Pro efficiently and reliably on inexpensive PC hardware and then visualized.


Mercury/TGS’s Open Inventor and VolumeViz LDM were key enablers in SVI Pro development. FFA’s R&D Director Jonathan Henderson said, ‘Open Inventor and VolumeViz LDM from Mercury were the 3D graphics development platform for SVI Pro, offering high performance visualization of large seismic data volumes.’ SVI Pro output integrates the interpretation workflow and can be loaded directly into industry standard 3D reservoir modeling packages. FFA clients include Shell, ChevronTexaco and BP.

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