iStore beats majors in Pemex data deal

The Information Store’s PetroTrek data management suite to support Pemex data management.

The Information Store (iStore) of Houston, has signed a deal with Pemex unit Integrated Trade Systems, to improve Pemex’ data access. Pemex’ data managers will deploy iStore’s PetroTrek tools to analyze, report on and distribute ‘mission-critical’ exploration and production data.


Pemex’ José Luis Figueroa Correa said, ‘iStore gives our teams access to a wide range of oil field data which can quickly and easily be put into various formats and used to support decision-making. We’re excited about the results.’


iStore president Barry Irani added, ‘As a niche player, we often compe with better-known software providers. But oil companies are coming to the conclusion that iStore provides a superior method of accessing oil and gas data.’


iStore used its proprietary ‘Knowledge Sharing Solution’ to negotiate the agreement. iStore posted documents to a web-based IM system where both parties could make changes and post approvals quickly and easily.


Back in 2003 (OITJ Vol. 8 N° 3), Pemex awarded a two year, $60 million contract to Schlumberger’s Information Solutions and Sema units for the provision of upstream information management solutions and services.

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