TGS Open Inventor for Prism Seismic

Seismic processing house deploys Mercury Software’s tools to render huge seismic volumes.

Spectral decomposition specialist Prism Seismic is to use Mercury/TGS’ Open Inventor and VolumeViz development tools to visualize the results of its flagship Spectral product. Spectral, which runs on Windows, Linux and Unix, provides a ‘user-friendly’ workflow for spectral analysis and visualization of seismic data.


Prism chose Open Inventor and VolumeViz LDM for its cross-platform 3D capability. LDM’s rendering technology allows geoscientists to work with huge seismic data volumes without the need for high-end hardware. Prism president Ahmed Ouenes said, ‘We have leveraged VolumeViz to accelerate time to market of our interpretation solution, bringing high-end visualization, interactivity and control of very large data sets to Spectral.’ Spectral uses wavelet transforms to analyze seismic data and displays the results with 3D ‘brick technology’-based volume rendering on multi-gigabyte seismic cubes.

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