CDA—10 years of UK data availability

Meeting traces data portal’s history and current success in promoting UK bidding rounds.

Common Data Access celebrated its 10th birthday last month. Chairman Isobel Emslie (ConocoPhillips) described the Herculean task of cleaning well names, company names, sorting out entitlements and ownership, recalling the IRA bomb which ‘upset’ acceptance testing. One unexpected benefit from the initiative was its usefulness in transferring data after asset swaps and mergers. ‘Switching entitlement is much easier than mass data movement.’


Malcom Fleming, OBE, described the CDA/DEAL website as a ‘significant achievement.’ Operated by the BGS on CDA’s behalf, DEAL offers prospective licensees a GIS interface to well, seismic, fields and infrastructure along with open acreage. Today, users can view blocks on offer in the UK’s 23rd Round and locate available data in an area of interest.


Mike O’Brien, Minister of State for Energy and E-commerce revealed that DEAL received the Association of Geographic Information’s award for best use in central Government. In its five years of existence, DEAL has had more than 12 million hits from industry users and has delivered in excess of 10,000 information packages.

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