Simulation battle engaged

As Schlumberger and Aspen Tech premiered their embryonic sim-opt solution at the Las Vegas Tech Forum, Honeywell unveiled its ‘UniSim’ offering which leverages its own share of HySys’ IPR.

As Schlumberger and AspenTech unveiled their joint offering for production optimization, Honeywell released its own simulation solution—leveraging some of the same computer code, which originated in Hyprotech’s HySys tool.

Avocet IAM

The Schlumberger-AspenTech offering is an upstream-specific development which rolls HySys, PipeSim and Eclipse into a new Avocet Integrated Asset Management tool. Avocet IAM allows for simulation and optimization (SimOpt) of the subsurface, gathering network and production facility. More on Avocet IAM on page 7.


Honeywell’s new ‘UniSim’ solution, embeds the ‘latest release’ of HySys, acquired from AspenTech following the FTC’s ruling on the earlier Hyprotech acquisition (OITJ Vol. 10 N° 1). The UniSim Design Suite offers steady-state and dynamic simulation, design, performance monitoring, optimization and business planning for oil and gas production, gas processing, refining and petrochemicals.


Honeywell’s Rob Vasbinder told Oil IT Journal, ‘We acquired the intellectual property rights (IPR) on HySys, but not the name, hence the ‘UniSim’ rebrand. Nor did we acquire Aspen’s license and maintenance agreements with its customers. But our aim is to have all these customers switch to UniSim! We also acquired Aspen’s operator training business including the IPR, all associated products and 40 people.’


Vasbinder added, ‘Customers now have a choice. They can either buy HySys from Aspen or UniSim from Honeywell. Both are based on HySys 3.5, but we plan for a more aggressive product development than Aspen can match. We hired 15 top HySys developers from Aspen earlier this year. The fact that we use UniSim in both the Operate/Optimize and the Design markets will also accelerate new developments’. Honeywell is working with Schlumberger, Scandpower and other third party vendors to ensure their HySys-based tools operate with UniSim.


Vasbinder offered a different slant on the digital oilfield, ‘Process optimization has been done for years with automatic production controllers (APC). We have been preaching the merits of APC to the offshore industry, but this has largely fallen on deaf ears. Later this year, we will have agreements with the same key technology providers as Aspen has for HySys in oil and gas and in other industries.’

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