Welling & Co proposes upstream IT survey

Market Researchers, backed by Schlumberger and Halliburton, to survey upstream decision makers.

Houston-based IT market researchers Welling & Company is inviting oilfield service companies and operators to participate in an interview-based survey of ‘key decision makers’ in the petroleum industry. The study promises a ‘comprehensive assessment’ of the status and trends of information technology (IT) in E&P, with particular reference to real-time, integrated operations.


The study, whose initial impetus came from Schlumberger and Halliburton, will investigate levels of IT knowledge, use and operating practices. IT value and its impact on exploration, drilling and production will be studied. Around 200 interviews are planned with executives and key decision-makers in operating companies around the world.


These will be presented in a 500 page report and on an interactive CD-ROM. A ‘stand-up’ presentation of the results with question and answer session will be available. Cost of the study is $25,000 for sponsors signing up before April 15, 2005.

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