INT’s CarnacGIS .NET to offer spatial queries

INT’s C# development toolkit lets developers embed interactive maps in applications.

Houston-based software house Interactive Network Technologies (INT), has just announced availability of CarnacGIS .NET 2.0. Designed for the Microsoft .NET environment, CarnacGIS .NET allows software developers to integrate spatial queries and interactive map views into their own applications. CarnacGIS .NET offers a rich graphics environment for building stand-alone or web-enabled clients for spatial data analysis. CarnacGIS components promote reusability and consistency across applications and allow developers to focus on their core technologies rather than spend time writing data displays.


INT president Olivier Lhemann said, ‘CarnacGIS.NET provides a powerful environment for developing solutions in C#. The package is certified for .NET managed code, providing our customers with the utmost confidence in the software’s reliability and performance.’

New functionality

The new release introduces support for ‘windowless’ plots, language localization and ‘refactoring’ of models, layers and features to a .NET-compliant programming style.

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