Peloton’ MasterView drilling database

A new database solution integrates drilling and well operations data and web reporting.

Peloton has just announced MasterView, its new solution for integration, access and quality of drilling and well operation data. MasterView combines Peloton’s WellView and SiteView data models with new data management tools for enhanced data access and integration.


SiteView maintains a history of site information, including construction detail, costs, vendors, equipment, contamination and treatments. Other facility and pipeline information can also be captured. In the new release, the WellView and SiteView data models have been integrated and augmented to track more well and lease data. A new ‘MasterView’ integrator provides bi-directional data flow between drilling operations and site construction. Mud information, job and well status, can flow back to SiteView for future reclamation and remediation operations.

Web Reporting

A web reporting tool provides read-only access to WellView and SiteView data. Reports are generated in Adobe PDF format and can include graphical elements such as wellbore schematics. Pre-defined well/site lists or queries can be used to access reports.

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