GXS brings OFS Portal 24x7 operations

Deal adds industrial strength B2B e-commerce to OFS Portal’s PIDX-based fulfillment support.

Houston-based OFS Portal has signed with GXS B2B Outsourcing Solutions for the provision of oil and gas transaction services. OFS Portal represents a group of service companies offering a range of e-business services to oil company clients, leveraging the API PIDX/ComProServ e-business specifications.

Le Sage

OFS Portal CEO Bill Le Sage told Oil IT Journal, ‘Oil and gas B2B in the field of procurement has failed to catch fire because of the complexity of the services involved and the collaborative nature of the procurement process. However, e-business is proving very successful in the fulfillment process where it has cut day sales outstanding in half and given oils great spend visibility.’


This has led to the development of the OFS Portal PIDX-based Transaction Messaging Service (TMS) which will now leverage GXS’ Trading Grid technology. This will add native support of ANSI/EDIFACT EDI, Internet EDI, AS2, EAN-UCC XML, RosettaNet PIPs and RNIF transactions to the existing TMS infrastructure.


OFS Portal sell-side members include Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Schlumberger. Its buyer community includes ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Statoil and Total.

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