Apache to extend Petrel functionality

Apache is to offer Schlumberger workflow experience feedback from its ‘primary’ interpretation tool.

Apache Corp. has selected Schlumberger Information Systems’(SIS) Petrel as its primary interpretation tool. Petrel will enable Apache asset teams to integrate technical disciplines from seismic to simulation in an ‘intuitive and collaborative’ environment. Petrel will interface with Apache’s OpenWorks data stores via OpenSpirit. Apache is to replace its legacy interpretation packages with Petrel tools.


Apache CEO Steve Farris said, ‘In both new assets and older fields, leveraging technology is a key element in our profitability. New insights and efficiencies from technologies within the Petrel suite of workflow tools provide significant potential benefits to companies like ours.’ The companies have also signed a technology alliance agreement whereby SIS will provide Apache with early access to new technology, while Apache provides feedback on E&P workflows.


Schlumberger CEO Andrew Gould said, ‘Apache’s involvement in workflow development will ensure that these products target customer needs.’

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