New secure e-business for ConocoPhillips

Canadian unit to deploy new electroBusiness tool to encourage vendors to join e-business hub.

ConocoPhillips has rolled-out new software from Calgary-based electro-Business to encourage vendor take-up of its electronic document exchange initiative. The new software, eBsecuredesk is to be offered to ConocoPhillips’ vendors to promote the merits of e-business.


This desktop application provides information management and document handling tools allowing users to capture data and review documents within their own applications. Documents, and data in any format, can be securely exchanged with the community of authorized users. Confidential information exchanged internally and externally can be monitored, improving internal controls and helping to comply with regulations.


Last year (Oil ITJ Vol. 9 N° 6), Petro-Canada and ConocoPhillips launched a secure document exchange in their finished products line of business using the electroBusiness hub.

Revenues up

electroBusiness’ revenues rose by 91% for the three month period ending October 31, 2004. The Company generated revenues of $114,546 for the quarter from increased contract and recurring revenue. Operating expenses increased by 11% resulting in a net loss of $12,580.

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