InfoWeb maps WITSML to ISO standard

Mapping to Epistle extends WITSML reach into facilities—adding time stamp for data validity.

Dutch-based standards promoter InfoWeb (OITJ Vol. 9 N° 9) has just completed the mapping of the WITSML drilling data standard to the Epistle Reference Data Library (ISO 15926). Infoweb supports the creation and use of web-based Reference Data Libraries, such as supplier catalogs, standard parts catalogs. The WITSML to ISO mapping provides a bridge between upstream drilling data standards, and those of the plant/facilities community.

Lifetime Information

Infoweb’s approach focuses on full lifetime management of data – particularly during the handover of operations. The ISO standard allows for data time stamping. Data is never overwritten, rather its validity is expressed as a function of the information lifecycle. This allows the information about the state of the facility to be recreated for any given point in time. Currently, the project has mapped parts of the WITSML specification to ISO 15926-4.The next step is to map WITSML as an ontology into the higher-level ISO 15926-7 format.

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