Energy Solutions’ Pipeline Studio 2.7

The third release in the past year promises speedier pipeline design and simulation.

Houston-based pipeline software house Energy Solutions has announced the release of the latest version of its flagship PipelineStudio tool for pipeline design and operation. Version 2.7 speeds pipeline design, improves data analysis and decreases simulation time.


Energy Solutions CEO Al Jacob said, ‘This is the third release of PipelineStudio in a 12-month period—demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement of our products. We recognize the changing business requirements our pipeline customers face and we’re working hard to be responsive.’


New features and enhancements include configuration libraries, improved plotting and trend analysis, product support in Spanish and Chinese and increased speed of the PipelineSimulator engine

What if?

Typical uses for PipelineStudio include design of pipelines, sizing of equipment, hydraulic response and pipeline operation analysis. Users can also perform ‘what if?’ scenarios for operational and financial investment purposes. PipelineStudio supports both steady-state and transient hydraulic analysis.

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