Diskos reveals prequalification process

Norwegian database group initiates search for Petrobank’s replacement and future operations.

The Norwegian Diskos consortium, an industry and government-backed grouping offering data management and access services to the Norwegian offshore oil industry is about to post an announcement in Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) regarding the prequalification process for the development, provision and maintenance of software for operation of the Diskos database.


The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), member and manager of Diskos, subcontracts both the software and operation of the database in two separate contracts which may be combined in the future. The scope of work is to develop, provide and maintain software for the operation of the Diskos database. One of the aims is to arrive at a software solution with a functionality and capacity ‘equal to or better than the current software in use’ i.e. Petrobank, originally developed by IBM, subsequently acquired by Landmark.

5 year contract

The contract will be awarded for an initial five year period with an option to extend. Contact the NPD for more.

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