Isatis models multi-million cell grids.

Geovariances’ new release interoperates with GoCad, ArcView and offers ‘macro variable’ statistics.

French geostatistical specialist Geovariances’ Isatis package has new data exchange formats for improved interoperability. Along with integration with EDS’ Gocad, the IFP’s RML and ESRI’s ArcView, Isatis now imports LAS log and deviation survey data. Isatis 5.1 introduces a new ‘QQ-Plot’ application for comparison of experimental distributions of two distinct variables.


Isatis user Jean Marc Chautru, of the IFP’s consulting arm, Beicip-Franlab said, ‘We use Isatis to model petrophysical properties of stacked grids of up to 30 million cells. Customized journal files and batch procedures automate the process.’ Isatis is also used to analyze local distribution of simulated values, useful in depth modeling.


Recent Isatis deployments include Newfield Exploration of Houston, Total, Amerada Hess, Anadarko and Petrobras.

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