TEEC and Megware team on processing

Companies offer 3D seismic processing tuned to compact ‘Slash Five’ Linux clusters.

Two German companies, seismic software house TEEC and cluster manufacturer Megware have teamed to provide a stand-alone, cluster-based seismic processing solution. TEEC has ported its 3D seismic processing package to Megware’s Linux SuperCluster.


TEEC’s 3D- Common Reflection Surface (CRS) software is said to be suited to areas of strong geological complexity and/or poor signal to noise ratio. It is considered as an alternative or complement to the traditional pre stack time and depth migration.

Slash Five

Megware’s Slash Five rack system is particularly suited to the compute-intense nature of 3D-CRS. In a footprint of less than one square meter, a Slash Five unit can be equipped with up to 80 servers and 160 CPUs (Opterons, Xeons or Itanium 2s). The compact units include PCI-card extensibility and users can chose between Myrinet, SCI or Infiniband interconnect.

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