OSIsoft certified for SAP integration

Real-time software now applied to IT infrastructure management of SAP-based environments.

Wholly-owned OSIsoft unit WiredCity has received certification from SAP for its ‘IT Monitor’ ERP performance interface. IT Monitor, based on OSIsoft’s RtPM real-time platform, monitors the end-to-end performance of SAP-based IT environments, allowing companies to reduce network maintenance costs and improve system performance through ‘complete’ system visibility. IT Monitor integrates with SAP R/3 as an ABAP add-on.


WiredCity CEO Martin Otterson said, ‘IT Monitor helps managers and administrators optimize their IT environment by providing an end-to-end view of all real-time and historical SAP R/3 Enterprise performance data. IT Monitor’s data collection and resolution capabilities minimize data loss and meter IT performance.’


IT Monitor relates SAP performance metrics to infrastructure components including network, server, database and devices. Users can drill-down through their data to analyze the causes of poor system performance. Powered by OSIsoft’s PI System, IT Monitor provides IT managers with accurate capacity planning and root cause analysis.


The software also tracks issues such as version upgrades, module additions and ‘general issues impacting overall IT performance’. IT Monitor displays the real-time status of any network, device or application, identifying ‘hot spots.’ By analyzing event history, managers can improve future performance, reliability and security.

Clean Air Act

Another new OSIsoft development helps organizations comply with new ‘Title V’ legislation which requires facility owners to certify environmental compliance. The new US rules shift the burden of compliance monitoring from regulatory agencies to the owner/operator. Companies must keep records proving compliance and issue exception reports when required. OSIsoft’s Real-time Performance Management Platform (RtPM) enterprise-wide data visualization and reporting solutions have already been used to demonstrate compliance by Wasatch Energy Systems.

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