Two new deals for pipeline software house

Canadian Suncor and Ecuadorian OCP are to deploy Energy Solution’s Pipeline Transporter.

Houston-based pipeline management software house Energy Solutions International (ESI) has reported two new clients for its pipeline decision support technology. Both Calgary-based Suncor Energy Services and Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados (OCP) of Ecuador have licensed ESI’s PipelineTransporter (EPT) package.


ESI VP Rene Varon said, ‘Suncor’s project is part of a corporate-wide initiative to standardize key processes and technologies. ESI is helping Suncor meet its objectives by focusing on production planning and scheduling processes, common points of integration and standardization.’


EPT streamlines information flow between the transportation company, its shippers and clients, gathering nominations and lifting schedules through a flexible yet secure web interface. These are validated against physical and contractual constraints, allowing the pipeline scheduler to program resources to meet the shipper’s requirements. The software includes an integrated hydraulic model for capacity studies, DRA usage, operating costs, fuel usage and downtime reduction.


OCP chief engineer Andrés Mendizabal said, ‘ESI started doing business with OCP during pipeline construction, providing leak detection, offline simulation and operator training applications. ESI’s technology has proven its worth under this pipeline’s challenging conditions of extreme elevation and a very heavy product.’ OCP’ 500 kilometer pipeline crosses the Andes, reaching an elevation of 4,064 meters (13,333 ft.). The contract includes software configuration to OCP’s receipt, transportation, storage and delivery processes. EPT interfaces with third party components, such as SCADA, optimization/modeling, billing and accounting systems including SAP and JDEdwards.

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