New volumetrics toolkit from Quorum

Quorum’s Volume Management package offers a central repository for production data.

Houston-based Quorum Business Solutions is to release a new software package for oil and gas volumetric data management. Quorum Volume Management (QVM) combines traditional field data capture and oil and gas measurement capabilities with a centralized data repository.


The software manages and validates volume data including oil, gas, water and petroleum products and offers data editing, recalculation and volumetric allocation. QVM’s web-based reporting supports multiple units of measure and languages.


Quorum VP Roland Labuhn said, ‘We have identified a segment of the oil and gas market that is not adequately served by existing software products. QVM’s functionality will help oil and gas companies struggling to manage volumetric data with disjointed software tools.’

Quorum Energy

QVM is an integrated component of the Quorum Energy Suite, a set of integrated business applications for integrated energy companies. The package includes Quorum Upstream (land management, GIS and production accounting etc.), Quorum Midstream (including TIPS gas plant accounting) and Quorum Pipeline for pipeline transaction, integrity and right-of-way management. Quorum has 160 staff operating out of offices in Houston, Dallas, and Calgary and has 20 Fortune 500 clients.

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