Gas processing optimization for Enogex

eSimulation’s gas plant optimization package deployment expands, following successful pilot.

Oklahoma City-based Enogex has deployed simulation/optimization (simopt) technology from eSimulation Inc. of Houston. The eSimOptimizer process optimization service provided has undergone successful testing at Enogex’s Custer gas plant, justifying a more extensive deployment.


Dan Harris, COO of Enogex, said, ‘eSimulation’s process optimization service has contributed to our improved performance over the last three years. We like their business model whereby our technology investment adds value to their business in a sustained fashion. We like their focus on documenting post audit results to justify further deployment.’

Setpoint suggestions

eSimOptimizer determines optimal liquid recoveries based on energy costs, feed conditions, capacity, contract structure and commodity prices. Results are published in the form of operational ‘setpoint suggestions’ via a secure web page. eSimulation president Mark Roop added, ‘As our first client, we appreciate Enogex’s willingness to embrace web-based optimization to drive business results.’ eSimOptimizer stores plant data and optimization results in a historical database. Web-based access provides decision support and data management tools for plant personnel, engineers, sales and business managers.


A key differentiator in eSimulation’s business model is the inclusion of engineering services required to keep the economic and process models aligned with current conditions.

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