Landmark’s new Technology Review Unit

Upstream unit to offer holistic analysis of IT infrastructure and a fix to ‘software chaos’.

Landmark’s Consulting and Services unit has just announced a new Upstream Technology Review Practice to leverage Landmark’s domain expertise with a ‘classical consulting’ approach. Several Landmark clients are engaging in ‘comprehensive upstream technology reviews’ (UTR).


Practice director Rick Mauro told Oil IT Journal, ‘The UTR practice leverages Landmark’s in-depth domain knowledge from bits and bytes through portfolio management. We begin with extensive interviews to analyze the root causes of clients’ problems. UTR scope spans IT backbone, technical computing, knowledge management and best practices. The aim is to optimize how people use technology to address business needs.’


Landmark’s consultants typically have 15-20 years of hands-on oil and gas experience. The UTR begins with interviews of executives and asset managers to understand key business drivers and known technological challenges. Asset team members are then interviewed to analyze workflows and tools and to identify pitfalls, bottlenecks and ‘what keeps them awake at night’.


George Kronman, reported in Landmark’s Solutions newsletter said, ‘The outcome of a UTR is a coherent, sustainable digital technology vision and strategy.’

Software chaos

Early UTRs found that technical experts were spending around 30% of their time finding, moving, reformatting, loading, quality-controlling and otherwise dealing with data. ‘Software chaos’ and inconsistent databases are ‘epidemic’.

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