Hazard database

Honeywell’s digital ground proximity data base for helicopter operations now flags 9,000 hazards for Gulf of Mexico and European operators.

Phoenix-based Honeywell International has updated its Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) database for helicopter operations. The latest update has added 5,000 Gulf of Mexico oil rigs and 4,000 land-based European structures to the helicopter terrain database.


Dan Barks, Director of Customer Marketing for Honeywell Commercial Electronic Systems said, ‘The addition of the new data on these obstacles will add significantly to the safety of EGPWS-equipped helicopters flying in the Gulf of Mexico and Europe, and we encourage every operator to add the update as soon as possible.’


EGPWS compares the aircraft’s location, which is constantly updated from a Global Positioning System, to a built-in database of terrain and obstacles and provides the flight crew with a moving map display. If an aircraft approaches too close to an obstacle or terrain, the system displays a brightly colored warning icon and sounds an audio alert in the cockpit. The update is provided on a small data card.

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