BP, Baker develop ESP run life simulator

Baker Centrilift has developed an electric submerged pump simulator to optimize ESP deployment.

Engineers from Baker’s Centrilift unit and BP Alaska have developed a simulator to predict ESP (electrical submerged pump) run time and reliability. The run life simulator (RLF) uses various production and operational parameters to optimize ESP deployment and maintenance. The software, which allows for dual-and triple-ESP systems, was calibrated on a large number of ESP installations.

South America

In 2004, the RLS successfully predicted inventory requirements for a large South American operator. A simulation run in February predicted that 75 units would be pulled by July. In fact 73 units were pulled. Improving system reliability brings the largest return in reducing workover frequency and lost production. The effect of dual and triple installations with standby redundant units in a well is ‘dramatic’ and should be considered whenever workover costs are high.

Milne Point

In BP’s Milne Point Field in Alaska, the critical main factors affecting pump life were set up field units. See Earl Bruce Brookbank’s article in the current issue of Baker Huges’ InDepth Magazine for more on the RLF.

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