Divestco merges interpretation software

Dynamic links between WinPICS, GeoVista and EnvisionVSX offer ‘spectacular’ data visualization.

Calgary-based Divestco has announced the integration of its three interpretation tools, WinPICS (seismic), GeoVista (data browser) and a new 3D visualization tool, EnvisionVSX.

Dynamic links

Dynamic data links between the products allow interpreters to access current well, production, land and pipeline data from the seismic workstation. EnvisionVSX provides ‘spectacular’ new techniques to view seismic in 3D using Divestco’s light and composite density methodology.


Shannon Niemi, VP sales and marketing said, ‘Exploration teams work closely together and so should the tools and technology they use. Our integrated geophysical and geological interpretation system is a result of Divestco’s drive towards integrated software tools.’ The current integrated releases are WinPICS 5.1, GeoVista V4.2, and EnvisionVSX 1.0.

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