Veritas warns of impending tape deadline

Following a UK DTI requirement for quality data in the UK, Veritas expects transcription to boom.

Veritas is re-mastering a major UK operator’s seismic and navigation data archive. Veritas is also building a new meta data store combining existing digital information with header data read during transcription. The verified meta data will provide an audit trail of data migration and be made available to the client for use in future data management. The project will begin in January 2005 and is scheduled to be completed within two years.


Veritas Data Services Manager Jan Wood said, ‘This project will fulfill the recent DTI obligations for data storage. The days of open reel storage are gone. New high density media are the future and Veritas recognizes that energy companies will have a raft of new requirements for data storage over the years to come.’


Veritas’s ‘Seistore’ data management software will be used to generate a new archive database. Demultiplex and transcription are performed using Veritas’ G1 tape management software.


As a part of its data preservation initiative, the UK DTI recently announced a mandatory requirement for quality data to be available in the UK and stored in a robust and current format. The deadline for compliance is June 2005 for all offshore legacy data. Veritas believes that the transcription of legacy data to modern media is about to become an extremely busy business in the UK.

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