GeoCenter upgrades Apple-based cluster

Seismic processing house ups Xserve-based cluster to 100 nodes for compute-intensive migration.

Houston-based seismic processing house GeoCenter has deployed an Apple Xserve cluster consisting of 100 dual 2.0 GHz G5 nodes each with 1.5 GB RAM and 80 GB hard disks. The cluster uses a gigabit Ethernet interconnect and is managed with the open source tool radmind from the University of Michigan.


GeoCenter cluster meister Ryan Dionne told Oil IT Journal, ‘We chose the Xserve G5 because of Apple’s ability to deliver quickly. The Xserve also runs cooler and uses less power than comparable systems. We also like its floating point and the Altivec vector processing performance.’


GeoCenter uses the Xserves to run its proprietary Kirchhoff time migration application—a component of its SeisUP processing system. More from

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