Spatial Solutions to market NitroView in US

Exporodat has signed an exclusive agreement for marketing its cross-platform data browser.

Denver-based Spatial Solutions is to be the exclusive re-seller of Exprodat Consulting’s NitroView in the USA. NitroView extends the functionality of ESRI’s ArcIMS providing an interactive tool for map-based data management.


Exprodat director Gareth Smith said, ‘We believe that Spatial Solutions Group will help us establish NitroView as the premier web GIS solution in the Petroleum business in the USA.’


Spatial Solutions President Jim Standley added, ‘NitroView represents a major advance in supporting the oil and gas industry’s productivity goals. Companies gain competitive advantage through timely and accurate data management. NitroView provides simple, fast access to both spatial and non-spatial data.’


NitroView offers scaled hardcopy, user-defined labeling, layer creation and download of attribute results. The web-based product removes the requirement for desktop GIS for every map user in the organization. More from

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