Neuralog teams with DrillingInfo

New delivery mechanism vendor data to end user desktop correlation and assessment package.

Neuralog and DrillingInfo (DI) unveiled a project at the North American Prospect Expo (NAPE) this month to integrate DI’s US well data into Neuralog’s new well log correlation and assessment package ‘NeuraWellTool’ (NWT). DI provides oil and gas data over the web to some 2,500 US oil and gas companies. Members of DI’s Well Log Initiative will receive a copy of NWT free. Users will be able to store interpretation data locally or using their DI account.


DI chairman Allen Gilmer said, ‘This will be a ‘killer App’ for well logs. With NWT, our members can download and display a wide variety of DI’s depth-registered rasters including electric, driller, and mudlogs in multi-well displays. Rasters can be automatically annotated with rich data, such as perforated intervals, IP rates, cumulative production, DST, shows, cores and formation tops. Users can also perform interpretive tasks such as log annotation, net pay count and top and fault picking.’


Neuralog VP Javan Meinwald added, ‘DI provides a large segment of the industry with a cost-effective solution to data delivery. DI’s web delivery and database infrastructure supercharges partnerships by letting widely distributed business partners share critical information easily.’


Interpretation from NWT can also be automatically picked up in NeuraSection for map making, reserves calculation and structural and stratigraphic cross sections. NeuraSection can be added to a DI membership for a nominal fee. A beta release of NWT is scheduled for May, 2005 with final production release in June.

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