Unocal takes Digital Oilfield world-wide

E-commerce solution automates invoicing processing with 80% cost saving potential.

Unocal is expanding its implementation of OpenInvoice and OpenContract solutions from the oil country e-business software house Digital Oilfield. Under a multi-year corporate license agreement Unocal will be using Digital’s tools to automate and streamline its invoicing processes.


Unocal VP of drilling and procurement, Kevin O’Donnell said, ‘We’ve used Digital’s financial solutions for three years and have benefited from the automated verification of prices against commercial contracts as well as the reduced invoice processing times. Digital’s tools have allowed Unocal to free up resources in operations and accounts payable that were previously used to process paper invoices.’


Digital president Rod Munro added, ‘This is a great validation of our solution. Unocal was one of the first companies to implement OpenInvoice, and has been an important source of feedback and advice for us during the development process.’

80% cost elimination

OpenInvoice allows suppliers and operating companies to create and process invoices and field tickets, eliminating up to 80% of invoice processing costs. OpenInvoice also provides spend capture and analysis, allowing operating companies to work with their strategic suppliers to improve operations and drive down direct spend.

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