Wellcore Pipeline Module for Talisman

New pipeline management system from Malibu Engineering promises world-wide data scope.

Calgary-based Malibu Engineering and Software is launching a new pipeline data management system, the Wellcore Pipeline Module (WPM). The new system enables third party reporting tools to connect to the Pipeline Module and retrieve information. Talisman uses WPM to manage its extensive network of pipelines and a growing midstream network.


Talisman’s Bruce Hamilton said, ‘WPM has allowed the centralization of key pipeline data, providing a valuable tool for the company. The module works with other systems, allows the user to complete mass edits, and attach wells and equipment to pipelines for inventory and mapping purposes.’


Malibu CEO Cecil Shewchuk added, ‘WPM can manage an array of pipelines anywhere in the world and is designed to handle multiple survey systems. Our objectives are to avoid data duplication, to improve pipeline data quality and to reduced associated costs.’

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