WellPoint fleshes-out ERP offering

Microsoft Axapta-based ERP offering baptized ‘WellPoint Integrated Financial System.’

First revealed in Oil IT Journal (Vol. 9 N° 10) WellPoint’s Microsoft Axapta-based ERP system has now been productized as the WellPoint Integrated Financial System (WIFS). WIFS has been tailored to the oil and gas industry and offers a ‘world-class’ accounting system, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and an integration platform for ‘mission critical’ applications.


WIFS builds on Microsoft’s Axapta finance and ERP product - capitalizing its modular, configurable and scalable capabilities. WellPoint has leveraged its experience of oil and gas financials to add oil industry specific functionality such as division of interest and joint interest billing to the Axapta base package.


WellPoint has preconfigured the solution to include modules for project, trade, etc. WIFS can also be a foundation for extended functionality such as customer relationship, human resources and supply chain management.


WIFS has been designed with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance in mind and supports process controls demanded by Sections 404 and 409 of the Act.

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