Stone Bond Enterprise Enabler for Vetco

Vetco Gray and Emerson Process adopt PIDX-based e-commerce solution for invoicing.

Vetco Gray and Emerson Process Management unit Fisher Controls have acquired Stone Bond Technologies’ e-commerce solution, Enterprise Enabler for PIDX (EE-PIDX). EE-PIDX includes a library of trading partner-specific, pre-built process templates that ‘significantly reduce deployment time and cost’. The templates comply with the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) standard.


Vetco Gray CIO Paul Krueger said, ‘Stone Bond helped us to avoid the high costs and slow implementation of other solutions, while it quickly adapted EE-PIDX to our specific requirements, and to those of our business partner. The system was so easy to set up that we will begin using it to automate the invoicing from our own suppliers.’


Stone Bond CEO and founder Antonio Szabo added, ‘Enterprise Enabler is changing integration options for companies of all sizes. Our adaptable architecture makes it easy to configure with any existing technology.’

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