Visual Basic interface for Calsep PVTSim

PVT software now available as a COM-based component for integration with third party applications.

Copenhagen, Denmark-based Calsep has incorporated a Visual Basic for Applications interface in the latest release of its PVTsim package. PVTsim Version 13 is used in flow assurance, reservoir and process engineering. Users can now access PVTsim data through a Microsoft COM-based data access layer to interact with other Microsoft COM-based applications.

Visual Basic

This exposes PVTSim as a Visual Basic component available for deployment alongside other applications. Calsep offers example code on its website showing how an Excel spreadsheet can be populated with simulation results using a few lines of code.


Calsep developed the interface to couple Statoil’s in-house reservoir fluid database and PVTsim. Calsep will be extending the interoperability paradigm in version 15 – due out mid-year 2005. This will add PVTsim Flash simulation options – with Hydrates and Hydrate Kinetics to follow.

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