Beicip-Franlab rolls-out Fraca 4.0

French Petroleum Institute unit’s fracture modeling package now integrates with Badleys FaultED.

Beicip-Franlab has announced the ‘imminent’ release of Fraca, its rock fracture modeling package. Version 4.0 of Fraca includes a new geostatistical package ‘GeoStatFrac’ developed in conjunction with TOTAL. GeoStatFrac allows the user to explore well-derived fracture density relationships to obtain a fracture density ‘driver parameter’ for use in modeling sets.


The software is designed for non-linear, ‘heteroskedastic*’ relationships, uses a Bayesian-Markov approach, runs in batch mode, and provides uncertainty data.


Beicip has worked with Badley Geoscience to incorporate the output of its FaultED elastic dislocation modeling into FRACA, with a single-click option to export to FRACA in TrapTester.

* variance changes with magnitude.

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