Petrel delivers 300% revenue growth

Andrew Gould reports on Petrel sales as new functionality spans seismic to simulation.

Schlumberger Chairman and CEO Andrew Gould, commenting on 4th Quarter 2004 financials, singled out Petrel, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) flagship interpretation package for special mention. Petrel ‘delivered revenue growth near 300%’ - a performance fueled by the industry acceptance of Petrel’s expanding seismic to simulation workflow.’


In the fourth quarter Unocal adopted Petrel as a component of its global standardization initiative, while Apache has formed a technology alliance with Schlumberger for Petrel development. SIS continues to turn Petrel from a stand alone PC-based interpretation package into a kind of ‘control center’ for the totality of the GeoQuest software suite. The latest release crosses the silo boundaries that separate subsurface interpretation, reservoir modeling and simulation.

Le Peuch

SIS president Olivier Le Peuch said, ‘Petrel now offers an integrated solution spanning the E&P workflow. Early adopters of this release have already reported significant productivity gains.’

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