Ikon gets £4 million Oilexco contract

RokDoc slated for extensive use in North Sea exploration, appraisal and development program.

Calgary-based Oilexco has awarded Ikon Science a two year follow-on contract worth £4 million for geoscience modelling, reservoir characterization and 4D seismic monitoring. Ikon is to leverage its RokDoc flagship package to underpin Oilexco’s aggressive North Sea drilling program, with the Transocean Sedco 712 rig on contract until March 2008. Oilexco credits Ikon’s technology as having contributed to its 2004 Brenda and Nicol fields.


Oilexco president Arthur Millholland said, ‘Ikon Science will be helping us to continue the momentum of our aggressive program of exploration, appraisal and development drilling in the UK North Sea by keeping us at the cutting edge of North Sea subsurface practice.’

Millwood Hargrave

Ikon Science MD Martyn Millwood Hargrave told Oil IT Journal, ‘Our studies are both strategic and operationally focussed and make heavy use of RokDoc for predictive evaluations of prospects and well targets. Our activity spans petrophysics, rock physics and well matching. We will help Oilexco optimize its interpretation strategy, leveraging attributes and inversion parameters to build the pre-drill reservoir model to keep it updated during subsequent operations.’


‘Oilexco likes the speed we offer working with this tricky stratigraphic prospects. We can help them evaluate a lot of higher risk deals and prospects prior to making choices they have to live with. So far we have been involved with all the Brenda and Nichol wells and the successful Black Horse appraisals.’ Ikon also plans to leverage its newly acquired Chronoseis 3D/4D seismic reservoir characterization module which it is now planning to offer to the US and Far East markets.

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