Shell’s smart decisions leverage MetaCarta

Shell is ‘finding new plays’ with its IM architecture spanning structured data, documents and GIS.

Speaking at IQPC’s 5th Annual Oil and Gas Exchange in London last month, Global Explorationist Adam Dodson unveiled Shell’s smart decision tools, for providing end users with ‘what you want, when you want it, the way you want it!’


Shell Global E&P’s enhanced content delivery embeds ‘intelligent’ search across structured (database) data, unstructured (documents) and geographic information systems (GIS). Shell’s multi-million document store runs on OpenText’s LiveLink, with high-end indexing and search, leveraging Autonomy’s natural language information retrieval technology for automated document tagging.


Structured data stored in internal libraries and in vendor data stores is manually tagged with Flare Solutions’ taxonomy . The cherry on the IM cake is MetaCarta’s text-based geographical indexing—this recognizes spatial location information in natural language and tags such information with geographical location. Roll in Shell’s SDE-based spatial data stores (OITJ N° 10 Vol. 3) and you have the complete picture. It seems to be working for Shell—as Dodson said, ‘Seriously, we are finding new plays with this stuff.’

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