CDA for Schlumberger

LogDB and AssetDB/eSearch are to displace PetroBank/Recall in the UK’s Common Data Access well log and hard copy data repository.

Schlumberger is about to win the UK’s prestigious Common Data Access (CDA) well data management contract from incumbent Landmark Graphics. CDA, a wholly owned unit of the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) issued its tender last August.


Schlumberger’s technology will displace Landmark’s PetroBank/Recall data management solution and related services. The tender involves the management of digital well log curves, scanned images of well reports and logs and initially seismic navigational data—although this was subsequently excluded from the scope of the tender.


The tender also calls for a new ‘services-oriented architecture’ (SOA), decoupling the UK’s well data architecture into a data store and ‘internet-facing’ applications. This month CDA approved the Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) as the sole ‘preferred bidder’ for the Well Data Store contract and is to execute an agreement with SIS in January 2006.


The CDA process was managed confidentially by a private UK concern, First Point Assessment (FPAL). Schlumberger will be moving in on CDA when Landmark’s contract expires in July 2006.

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