P2ES QByte opens Calgary Data Center

Yet another data center opens in Calgary—offering aggregated public/hosted data storage.

P2 Energy Solutions’ recently acquired Qbyte unit has just opened a new Petroleum Data Center (PDC) in Calgary. The PDC is both a library of commonly required public petroleum data sets, as well as a secure hosting facility for company specific proprietary data.


QByte VP Michael Danielewicz said, ‘Qbyte provides a reliable, secure and cost effective solution to your petroleum data needs. Our open systems approach delivers current and accurate data, public or proprietary. Qbyte’s petroleum data offering is all about choice: choice of data, choice of supplier and choice of software.’

Data aggregation

QByte acts as a data aggregator for multiple vendor data sets, but clients sign and manage a single contract with Qbyte. Flexibility is claimed to avoid locking users into long term agreements. Qbyte eliminates the need to load CDs to update internally maintained public data sets from multiple vendors.


Client access is either by users’ own data access tools or with Qbyte’s Petro-LAB geotechnical mapping, query and reporting tool. P2ES has installed more than 235 Qbyte information systems at more than 145 oil and gas companies and claims the largest client base of any vendor in Canada with over 80% market penetration of Canada’s top 50 oil and gas companies.

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