GeoLogic deploys Labrador’s eTriever

New ‘generic’ web-based data access technology for data centers and client in-house datasets.

Labrador Technologies Inc. (LTI) has moved quickly following its return to the oil and gas market announced last month (OITJ Vol. 10 N° 11) with the launch of its new ‘eTriever’ secure, web-based, generic data retriever. eTriever is built on LTI’s dynamic, web-based Labrador query engine. eTriever requires ‘no installation, no CD updates, and no maintenance.’ eTriever also promises ‘comprehensive query, reporting, and exporting capabilities.’

Data Center

eTriever is to be deployed in GeoLogic’s Calgary data center, opened earlier this year (OIITJ Vol. 10 N° 6) along with GeoLogic’s GeoScout client.


Upon request, LTI also plans to use its Labrador Modeller software to incorporate clients’ proprietary data stores into eTriever’s ‘web of accessibility.’ Additional Data Centers will become accessible as a function of customer demand.

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