Workstation-ready synthetics from TGS

TGS is using synthetic seismogram technology from Loren & Associates to add value to A2D’s log database.

TGS is offering ‘Workstation Ready’ synthetic seismogram packages that tie well curve data from its A2D LogLine database to multi-client 3D and 2D seismic data survey in the US Gulf of Mexico. The synthetics are processed with Loren & Associates’ technology which corrects for borehole conditions.

Loren & Associates

Loren’s ‘Geophysical Workstation Ready Processing’ (GWSR) leverages multi-dimensional relationships between a range of rock properties, formation pressure and depth. Original data is used if possible—with correction of invalid log curve data and intelligent interpolation of missing intervals. Intervals with different lithology such as clastics and carbonates, wet and hydrocarbon bearing zones are regressed separately. Additional variables, such as anisotropic effects from deviated boreholes can be added.


Synthetic seismogram packages can be created for groups of wells within a TGS seismic survey. Deliverables include the synthetic generated from a well-based wavelet, an acoustic impedance curve and a time/depth table. Loren also offers shear-wave sonic for both wet and hydrocarbon-bearing intervals. Additionally, fluid substitution modeling can be performed to compute AVO trend volumes to delineate prospective areas within seismic volumes.

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