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News from Ryder Scott, CartoData, Quorum, Foster Findlay, Rapid, Badleys, ElectroBusines, Energy Solutions, Geovariances, IHS, GX Tech., Linux Networx, LogTech, Scandpower, Maraco and Geocon.

A coalbed methane volumetrics package, rscCBM, has been released as freeware by petroleum engineering consultants Ryder Scott. The package embeds standard parameters from laboratory analysis. Alternatively, users can enter their own parameters manually.

CartoData’s ‘eCarto’ provides multi-user digitizing capabilities over the internet. Users can digitize cultural information from orthophotos served from ER Mapper’s Image Web Server and store this information in a database. The application targets high volume terabyte aerial photo and satellite datasets.

Canadian midstream operator Keyera Facilities has selected Quorum TIPS software for its production accounting and contract management.

Foster Findlay Associates is releasing a new version of its SVI Pro seismic image processing application. The new release adds color and opacity labeling of fault trends, simultaneous work in time and depth and better well path integration. SVI Pro R&D is supported by Norsk Hydro which uses the tool across its organization.

Rapid Solutions has launched Centrix 2.0, a web-based E&P life cycle management solution. Centrix integrates data across heterogeneous systems, leverages automated workflows and provides standardized reporting.

Badley Geoscience has ported its TrapTester fault seal analysis package to Windows. The beta release copies data files from GeoFrame and Landmark projects. Direct data links are under development.

The UK DTI-sponsored Seismic History Matching (SHM) Project has completed its first phase. A quantitative approach to seismic history matching has been developed to compare forward modeled synthetic data with the 4D time lapse seismics.

Calgary-based ElectroBusiness has enhanced its e-business flagship EB-Securedesk with secure messaging and attachment features promising an email ‘look and feel’ for new e-business users.

Energy Solutions has deployed its PipelineManager and PipelineTransporter packages to Petrobras’ Transpetro unit. PipelineManager’s predictive modeling simulates the impact of nominations to ensure that demand can be met. Approved nominations are routed back from the simulator to PipelineTransporter for movement scheduling and invoicing.

Geovariances has just announced Version 6.0 of its flagship Isatis geostatistics package. Isatis now sports a 3D viewer (built on Open Inventor). 64-bit versions of Isatis are now available for Solaris and Irix.

IHS Energy has released a new ‘Desktop’ version of its Enerdeq data viewer. Enerdeq Desktop, a.k.a. the ‘next generation’ AccuMap integrates Canadian data with a new GIS and query-based front end.

Input/Output unit GX Technology has announced the commercial release of its Reverse Time Migration (RTM) technology, a compute-intensive algorithm for imaging complex salt tectonics.

HPC specialist Linux Networx is to offer IBM’s General Parallel File System (GPFS) with its Linux-based clusters. GPFS is a scalable parallel file system that supports hundreds of terabytes of storage within a single file system.

Calgary-based LogTech has released a new version of its LAS tools and LAS tools pro products.

Scandpower Petroleum Technology reports sales of its Drillbench Presmod package to Total E&P Norway and of OLGA 2000 to Houston based consultants Intec Engineering.

Maraco is to offer its GasPal facility modeling package over the PetrisWinds application hosting infrastructure.

The most prolific contributor to the latest release of the Colorado School of Mines open source Seismic Unix project is Garry Perratt of The Geocon Group.

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